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Buds Plant Boutique Repotting Services

Repotting Services

When your plant is ready for a new home, or if repotting is simply not your thing, we can help. Over time, plants need extra space to grow and nutrients from fresh soil will promote your plant’s overall health. We use high-quality custom soil for your specific plant.



Our Plant + Our Pot

Our Plant + Your Pot

Your Plant + Your Pot


Up to 3" pot: $8

3–5" pot: $12

5–8" pot: $18

8–10": $23

10–12": $28

Over 12": To be determined on a case-by-case basis


*Add $5 for drainage hole to be drilled


Our repotting service includes fresh soil and pebbles (top dressing) if desired. Your plant will be ready for pick-up within one week from the order date. Same-day repotting is available on a case-to-case basis. We do not offer a guarantee or accept responsibility for damage due to plants being repotted. We will not repot a plant with existing pest or fungus issues. We do not repot orchids, bonsai trees, or cactus.

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