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New Owners & More!

How we got here:

Lindsay and Jessica started BUDS in the spring of 2021 because of their love for plants, their innate talent for creativity, and their life-long friendship. Over the past 2 years they have built an amazing business, made new friends, and strengthened their love for plants and their friendship. After lots of consideration they made the hard decision to pass their “baby” on to new owners who will continue the legacy of BUDS. Luckily for us, Lindsay and Jessica chose us!


We are so thankful for the opportunity that Lindsay and Jessica have given us and we look forward to meeting you all soon. Before we dive into some details about the future of BUDS, we would like to introduce ourselves.

Meet Us:

Angela and Miranda are a mother/daughter pair that do almost everything together. They love cooking, baking, being outside, and anything that has to do with plants. Angela is a mom, HCPSS employee, and a lover of plants. Pothos and succulents are her favorite. Combining her love of plants with the time that will be spent with Miranda makes this adventure extra special and exciting. Miranda’s love for plants quickly grew after she got her first Pothos from her grandmother. The rest is history as her collection and love for plants grew. She can’t wait to spread her love for plants when she meets all of you! Miranda is extremely excited for this new opportunity, and she can’t wait to see what the future holds for BUDS.

Upcoming Events:

While we are waiting on the new home for BUDS, we would like to invite you to the following events:

  • South Alley Block Party Saturday June 3, 2023 4pm-8pm

  • Mt.Airy Farmers Market Wednesday June 7, 2023 3pm-7pm

  • Mt.Airy Farmers Market Wednesday June 14, 2023 3pm-7pm

(Mt. Airy Farmers Market is downtown in the parking lot near Blossom & Basket Boutique)

Stayed tuned for more updates on:

New Location: We are currently working on a home for BUDS and we are so excited for you to see it. Stay tuned for updates!

Website/Social Media: The website as well as all social media has been updated.

Emails/Phone calls: Any emails/phone calls that were sent after April 30 will be addressed asap.

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