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Announcement from your BUDS


To our loyal BUDdies,
As we approach our 2nd year in business, we are reminded of how amazing all of you have been. Whether you've been with us from the very beginning when we were doing "pick-up hours" from Jess' studio or when we started doing local farmers markets during the summer of 2021, or even if you were there for our Grand Opening when we finally had space in our little retail shop, we appreciate you. We weren't sure where this crazy idea of starting a local succulent business would take us, but neither of us ever thought it would be where it is after two years, and that is all because of our fantastic community and support.

As expected, a continuously growing retail business, unfortunately, comes with challenges. We could have never imagined the amount of time we would devote to running the shop during retail hours, caring for our many living plants, and all the other pieces that come with owning a small business. We have always held our plants, reputation, and customers to the highest standards, which has helped make BUDS unique.

You might not know that besides running BUDS, we also have other jobs, but most importantly, wonderful families at home. Retail shops require much time on weekends and usually weeknights, which has proven more complex and challenging to accommodate with our busy schedules. We were always frustrated not being able to be open on more days for more extended hours for our customers, but since the beginning, we always gave BUDS as much of our time as we possibly could.

As heartbreaking as it is, we have decided to find new owners for BUDS Plant Boutique in hopes that our vision and concept that has made so many people happy continues to live on…but in a different location and under new ownership. Please know that this was not an easy decision and not one that was made quickly without exploring all other possible options.
How can you help?
If you or anyone you know might be interested in stepping in, don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to see the BUDS name, brand, and business model continue and are happy to meet with you to explore the details and possibilities for the future. We both worked very hard to build BUDS and are eager to pass it on to potential new plant-loving owners in hopes of them being even more successful than we could ever imagine.
What does this mean for now?
Feel free to come in during the next few weeks and grab whatever plants are on your wishlists! Be sure to use any remaining gift cards and punch buddy cards too! We operate as usual until April 30th in our current location, with shop hours Friday through Sunday from 10-3.
What about us?
BUDS was born out of a solid, strong lifelong friendship. As best friends, we want nothing but the best for each other and are happy to be able to devote more time to our kids and our families and to be able to enjoy weekend activities that we have missed out on for the past few years. We are also excited to be able to use some of this time doing fun things as best friends again, which we were unable to do since one of us was usually busy with BUDS or our other job. (We were starting to miss our coffee dates, long chit-chat walks, and fun mom dinners and outings significantly!)
We are happy to answer any questions you have about this announcement, and we know that the BUDS Plant Boutique we created will be greatly missed by many. As sad as this news is, we are confident it is the best decision for us as individuals and as best friends. We hope to pass the business along and cherish our unforgettable memories from this crazy adventure together.
Your BUDS,
Lindsay X Jessica

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