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Our Story

Miranda & Angela are a daughter/mother team who do almost everything together.


Miranda is an HCPSS ED regional paraeducator as well as a junior in college. Since getting her first job with the county, she knew having a career in education was what she was meant to do. Outside of work Miranda enjoys spending time with her dog Echo and taking care of her many plants. When the opportunity to become the new owners of BUDS arose, without hesitation she said, "Mom, can we buy it?... All of it?" and the rest is history. Miranda can't wait to see what the future holds for BUDS. She is looking forward to spreading her love for plants as well as making new "buds" along the way.

Angela is a mother and HCPSS special education paraeducator. In Angela's free time she enjoys making crafts, going to her sons baseball games, cheering on her daughter at dance competitions, and baking. Angela also enjoys spending time in the mountains and floating on the lake. Among the many house plants, succulents are by far her favorite. Since they are drought resistant they also like her. When Miranda proposed the question, "Mom, can we buy it?... All of it?", she thought it would be a great idea. She can't wait for this journey and the many memories and friendships that will be made.

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